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Tara Devi Temple in Shimla

Maa Bhagwati Tara Devi Temple in Shimla or Tara Devi Temple for short enjoys a location atop a hillock by the name of Tarav Parvat, about 15 km from Shimla City. Its idyllic location and the absence of constructions nearby have made it the perfect spot to experience solace, peace of mind and render prayers to the Goddess.

Tara Devi a hindu religious place, according to legend, refers to Goddess Parvati, the celestial consort of God Shiva. Goddess Parvati assumes the form of Maa Tara Devi when God Shiva falls unconscious after absorbing the poison that is created from the churning of the ocean by the Devas and Asuras. The Devas and Asuras churn the ocean to get the Nectar of Immortality. The poison if unabsorbed by God Shiva would have resulted in the destruction of the World.

Maa Tara Devi in Shimla is the Goddess Parvati’s form of a maternal mother, who feeds God Shiva her milk to counteract the poison and revives him. The location of the temple is likewise, like that of a mother casting her protective eye upon her flock. The idol of Mata Tara Devi in this temple was a family heirloom and the family deity of a king from the Sen Dynasty, who travelled to Shimla with the idol encased in a locket, which he wore like an amulet in his arm. The idol remained encased until a 96th generation king of the Sen Dynasty had a vision of the Goddess who along with Dwarpal Bhairav and Hanuman Ji expressed a desire to be unveiled before the hill people. The temple was constructed soon after at the same place where the king had the vision.

A few generations down the line, another King of the dynasty had a vision of the Goddess in which She expressed the desire to preside over a temple atop Tarav Parvat. The Maa Bhagwati Tara Devi Temple thus came into existence over 250 years back.

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