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Shopping in Shimla

Mall Road in Shimla

Best Places for Shopping in Shimla :

Shopping in Shimla for holiday souvenirs is as integral to holidaying in Shimla as sightseeing itself. There is much to buy here, for Shimla as the Queen of the Himalayas, is a gateway to much of the specialities of the Himalayas.

You can shop for exquisitely carved wooden artefacts, beautifully embroidered shawls, stoles, caps and other woollen garments. You can also find beautiful Tibetan carpets, jeans, jackets and other Tibetan stuff at the Tibetan Market and many artefacts, antiques and decor items for your home and office.

In-between all the shopping extravaganza, recharge your energies with momos, spring rolls, ice cream shakes, ice creams and other snacks, lunch or dinner at any of the street food stalls, fast food eateries or restaurants lining the markets. At the end of the day, when you return to your hotel rooms, laden with bags of all the stuff you bought, you will realize that shopping in Shimla is indeed an adventure in itself.

To assist you in your shopping plans, ToursinShimla.com has compiled a list of top market areas for shopping in Shimla.

Mall Road:

Since the time of the British, the Mall Road and the Ridge has been the lifeline of Shimla and the shopping destination for all essentials as well as coveted products, especially sourced for the British Upper Class. The passage of time, however, has not affected the importance of the Mall Road and the Ridge for Shimla locals and tourists alike.

Even today, hordes of tourists throng the lanes and shops of the Mall Road, browsing through holiday souvenirs, wood products, books, cloths, artefacts and much more. With entry to vehicular traffic prohibited, the Mall Road is where all tourists prefer to shop and hang out during their holidays in Shimla.

Some of the most noteworthy shops that definitely merit a visit include the state-run Himachal Emporium and Minchys, where you can buy delicious Himachal fruit products such as juices, squashes, jams, marmalades and much more. There are several other shops and many branded stores as well.

Lakkad Bazaar:

A must-visit especially if you love products carved out of wood. Though you can get these on the Mall Road too, the Lakkad Bazaar being the specialized area for wood products offers you more choices in variety of products and price range as well.

One can shop for strong walking sticks with a variety of carved handles, souvenirs like engraved key chains, key holders, decorative artefacts, trays and much more.

Tibetan Market:

Although a makeshift market, the Tibetan Market in Shimla has the appearance of one, which has been in the place for ages. Perched precariously on the slopes, endangered by mudslides in the rainy season but crowded with Tibetan product enthusiasts, the Tibetan Market has clung on to its roots.

A walk through the market is enough to tempt just about anyone to lighten their wallets considerably. You can buy your favourite branded clothes at nominal prices, shop for Tibetan cotton clothing in delightful designs and upgrade your entire wardrobe for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Tibetan woollen products such as scarves, shawls, jackets, jeans, matching accessories and much more tempt you alongside charming antiques, Tibetan rugs and carpets.

Momos and steamed sweet corns perk up hungry shoppers.

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