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Shimla Toy Train

Shimla Toy Train

Hop on to the Kalka-Shimla Toy Train for a fascinatingly scenic journey through the hills, up the slopes and across the ravines, rivers and streams of the lower Himalayas. The only railway line to connect Shimla with the plains, the Kalka – Shimla railway line is a reputed UNESCO World Heritage experience and one that has held the world in its spell since its inception in early 20th Century.

In each journey, the Kalka Shimla Railway climbs from an altitude of 2152 ft (Kalka) to 6811 feet (Shimla) in approximately 5 hours. The journey takes the train through as many as 102 tunnels that wind through the mountains themselves and across 864 bridges that straddle deep ravines and gurgling mountain streams.

What’s more, the Kalka – Shimla Railway Line offers its guests a choice of railway cars for the journey:

The Deluxe Rail Motor Car:

Its appearance might be vintage, similar to a Second World War Era bogie, but in reality, the Deluxe Rail Motor Car is one of the more technologically advanced coaches of the Indian railways.

Experience an amazing journey from Kalka to Shimla or vice-versa, past lushly wooded rolling hills, looking out to the changing scenery from wide glass windows or the front… and looking up to the sky with its changing hues and weather conditions through the fibreglass transparent roof.

With a capacity of just 14 passengers, features such as Digital time-cum-temperature display units, route indication board and altimeter, and a complimentary meal as well, the Deluxe Rail Motor Car offers an exclusive Himalayan railway experience.

Shivalik Deluxe Express:

A connecting service to the Howrah – Kalka Mail, the Shivalik Deluxe Express transports as many as 120 passengers in its luxurious coaches – from Kalka to Shimla. Each of its beautifully lit coaches are fitted with wall-to-wall carpeting, wide glass windows, tables for meal times, reversible cushioned seating and a music system for entertainment.

Additional features include microphones and bells for communicating with the driver and alerting him to any emergency. Furthermore, like the Deluxe Rail Motor Car, the Shivalik Deluxe Express also has a complimentary meal.

Shivalik Palace Tourist Coach:

An even more exclusive and luxurious experience awaits you on the Shivalik Palace Tourist Coach. Available only for a group of 6 passengers, the Shivalik Palace Tourist Coach transports you from Kalka to Shimla in real royal conditions.

Marvel at the changing scenery from the comforts of a cushioned folding bed. Keep your drinks cool in the refrigerator onboard and when hunger pangs strike, enjoy piping hot food, freshly cooked or reheated on your own personal kitchen onboard. A dining table with cushioned chairs welcome you to enjoy a special dinner onboard.

The fares include complimentary accommodation of two luxurious retiring rooms at Shimla and meals en-route.

Shivalik Queen Tourist Coach:

The latest kid on the block of hill railways, the Shivalik Queen Tourist Coach is a four-coupe attachment to a regular Kalka-Shimla train. With wall-to-wall carpeting, big windows and luxurious furnishings, this luxury coach offers an exclusive experience for four couples or maximum eight passengers at a time. Lunch is included.

Kalka Shimla Express

Kalka Shimla Passenger

Himalayan Queen

The Kalka Shimla Express and Kalka Shimla Passenger offer a choice of First-class, second-class and unreserved seating, while the Himalayan Queen is an exclusive Chair Car train with nominal charges.

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