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Shimla Things To Do

Shimla Things To Do

Shimla Things To Do:

Transform your upcoming holiday in Shimla into an amazingly special experience with the right mix of sightseeing and experiences in Shimla. As a city, Shimla has a multitude of attractions, but it also offers numerous things to do – activities that enable us to experience the very spirit of Shimla in true Himachal style.

As Shimla is a hill station, the first thing that strikes your mind is the opportunity for enjoying the great outdoors with a wide range of summer and winter sports.

And, you are right! Summers, with their lovely sunny days, offer the perfect opportunity to explore these beautiful slopes, thickly wooded and with narrow ribbon-like trails meandering in and out for miles and miles, with the occasional hutment on the way. Enjoy trekking, hiking and even mountain biking down the woody trails. Located away from the crowds of the Mall Road and the Ridge, these trails enable you to experience the beauty and fresh mountain air of Shimla without a worry about anything else.

Winters herald the coming of snowfall and all the fun associated with snow. Head to nearby ski resorts such as Kufri and Narkanda, where the steep slopes blanketed by freshly fallen snow provide the ideal setting to enjoy winter sports such as skiing. Enjoy snowball fights, make snowmen and learn the art of skiing from the experts, courtesy the ski courses conducted by the Himachal Tourism Department at Narkanda. Skiing equipments are available for hire at Narkanda. Both Kufri and Narkanda can be visited from Shimla itself, though the snowfall might result in blocked roads.

Shimla in itself gets a lot of snow and the already-picturesque city holds a strong resemblance to a scene right out of a picture-perfect postcard every time it snows.

Every season brings to fore a different aspect of Shimla city. Explore them… experience them… and revel in them, day-in and day-out. For assistance, feel free to contact ToursinShimla.com representatives on 011-441-12-200 or send an email to info@jetwaystravels.com

See what you can do on each day of your Shimla holiday.

Shimla Heritage Walk:

Trace the history of Shimla with a refreshing Shimla Heritage Walk, a special walking tour that takes you to all the historical buildings built and developed by the British during the British Raj. Conducted by Himachal Tourism Department as well as a couple of other tour companies, these Heritage Walks enable you to enjoy a unique experience of Shimla.

Delve into the stories behind each building as you walk the path with your group. Visit the Viceroy Lodge, State Museum, Kali Bari Temple and Gaiety Theatre and many other attractions linked with the British era in Shimla in the company of an experienced tour guide, who besides leading the group, will regale you with interesting anecdotes about each attraction, the British personnel linked with it and India’s link as well.

Kalka – Shimla Railway:

A narrow-gauge railway line and the only rail connection to Shimla, the Kalka-Shimla railway line offers a wonderful, scenic and relaxing journey through the hills to Shimla – away from the noise and air pollution of the roads.

Just hop on to a train, sit back and relax as the train chugs past little hamlets, wooded slopes, lush meadows and gurgling streams to Shimla city. A ride on this reputed UNESCO World Heritage line is an experience in itself and the experience is further enhanced by the right choice of train carriage.

The Northern Hill Railways offers passengers a choice of train carriages for the journey ranging from the unreserved carriages to luxurious, carpeted and fully furnished regal-looking coupes for couples.

For a detailed description of each of these trains, please visit http://www.toursinshimla.com/shimla-toy-train

Reserve Forest Sanctuary:

Get geared up for some adventure with a trip to the Reserve Forest Sanctuary, a 951-hectare expanse of thickly wooded reserve that connects to the Chail Sanctuary through a corridor. Wildlife such as leopards, jackal and the barking deer roam the depth of these grounds and birds such as the Himalayan Eagle, pheasant and partridge hop its trees and roam the skies.

Owing to the presence of Chharabra, a small village and the summer residence of the President of India and the Governor of Punjab, tourists must first seek permission before planning a trip here. Once here, though, you can enjoy wildlife-viewing, bird watching, trekking, mountaineering and much more.


Kufri, Chail and Shimla together makeup a Himalayan triangle and a visit to either one without excursions to the other two makes a holiday incomplete. While Shimla is at 7234 feet, Chail and Kufri are higher up at 7303 feet and 9000 feet approximately.

Set out on an excursion to Chail and Kufri; both can be covered in a day and add to your Himalayan experience.

At Chail, visit the Chail Cricket Ground, the highest cricket ground in the world and the Chail Palace, the imperial residence of the Maharaja of Patiala and the setting for one of the scenes in the popular Bollywood flick – 3 Idiots. Now a hotel, the Chail Palace can still be visited for sightseeing and lunch by paying a nominal entrance fee.

Chail has also become a hotspot for adventurous activities in the summer months. Some of the adrenaline pumping activities that one can enjoy here includes Bamboo Bridge, Flying Fox, Rope Walk, Rock Rappelling, Commando and Burma Bridge.

Kufri is the destination to visit for Skiing in winters, when its slopes are blanketed in layers and layers of snow. In summers, one can enjoy pony rides to the peaks and visit the Chini Bungalow, which is famous for its statues and architecture and is a setting for quite some Bollywood movies as well. A couple of tourist parks with amusement rides and binoculars for viewing the spread of lush green hills all around and the upper Himalayas at the distance enhance a visit to Kufri.

International Shimla Summer Festival:

Every summer, in the month of May, the Ridge in Shimla comes alive with the scintillating sights and sounds of the Annual International Shimla Summer Festival. This is the month, when locals, tourists, musicians, dancers and other performing artistes get together to celebrate the coming of summer. Be part of the festival for an essential experience of Shimla fairs and festivals.

Ice skating:

When in Shimla, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of skating in the only natural ice skating rink in the whole of Asia. The Ice-skating Rink at Shimla offers avid ice-skaters the opportunity to practice their moves and have the time of their lives for the entire two-three months that it is open – from December to February.

Just head down to the Mall Road, where a high-rising balloon on the Municipal Building adjacent to the Scandal Point serves as the signal to indicate that the rink is open. Skates are available for hire. Throughout its season, there are several carnivals and dancing on the ice competitions, which enliven the ice skating sessions and the winter months even further.

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