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Museum in Shimla

Museum in Shimla

Most visitors to Shimla see the city as a weekend getaway, a place to beat the heat and have some fun. However, very few see it as a place with its own cultural heritage – a heritage that is brought into the fore in the Himachal State Museum in Shimla.

Housed in an expertly restored old Victorian mansion, the Himachal State Museum embodies the very spirit of Himalayan hill folk, their unique customs, ancient artwork and historical relics. Over the years, the museum has grown to include artefacts from states such as Rajasthan as well.

Today, a visit to the Himachal State Museum reveals a rich repository of Pahari Miniature Paintings, Woodcarvings, Sculptures, Archaeology, Rajasthani Miniature Paintings, Himachal Sculptures and Drawings, Jewellery, Arms, Decorative Arts and even Ancient Manuscripts.

The Himachal State Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday (except on Gazetted Holidays).

Timing: 1000 to 1700 hrs

Entry Fees:

Indian – Rs. 20.00

Foreigner – Rs. 100.00

Camera Fee:

Indian – 50.00

Foreigner – 100.00

Research scholars – 100.00

Video – Rs. 1500.00 (With special permission)

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