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Jakhu Temple in Shimla

Jakhu Temple in Shimla

Jakhu Temple in Shimla, like the Sankat Mochan Temple, is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, but it dates centuries back than the latter. In fact, Jakhu Temple was in existence even before Shimla was founded into the city it is today, even before the British constructed their first houses there in the early 19th century.

Located high atop the Jakhu Hill, at an altitude of 8000 feet, the Jakhu Temple stands astride the tallest peak of Shimla and offers fantastic panoramic views of Shimla City. Both the hill and the temple are named after a fakir by the name of Jakhu.

According to an interesting legend associated with the temple, Lord Hanuman stopped at Jakhu Hill to enquire from the fakir the whereabouts of the Sanjeeveni Herb. The herb was required to revive Lord Rama’s brother, Laxman from his fatal injury in the Epic Battle of Ramayana.

When Lord Hanuman alighted on Jakhu Hill from his superman-like flight to the Himalayas, the hill, which was taller than it is today, sank a bit into the earth and its peak flattened. Lord Hanuman’s footprints from that ascent are still revered at the temple. The legend continues that after enquiring about the herb, Lord Hanuman promised the fakir Jakhu that he would return on his way back to Lanka, where the battle was ongoing.

However, Lord Hanuman could not keep his promise as he was delayed and the herb was urgently needed before daybreak. When Jakhu realized that He was not coming, he was crestfallen, but at that very moment, Lord Hanuman appeared to him in a vision and explained why he could not keep his promise. As soon as the vision faded, an idol of Lord Hanuman appeared on the spot. This very idol continues to be worshipped in the Jakhu Temple.

A recent addition to the Jakhu Temple is the World’s Tallest Statue, a giant 108 feet high idol of Lord Hanuman that towers above the deodar and pine trees and is visible to the naked eye even from afar. The temple is crowded with monkeys, which are believed to be descendants of the monkey followers of Lord Hanuman who accompanied him in the search of Sanjeeveni herb but fell asleep at the stoppage at Jakhu and were left behind. Beware, the descendants take it to be their birthright to lay a stake on whatever catches their fancy. So hold on to your bags, prasad and other belongings!

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