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Shimla Holidays

Serene and tranquil... with picturesque mountainscapes and chilly breeze... wood-forested slopes and winding pathways... horse-trails and an ice rink... and a Mall Road that comes alive post dusk... Shimla delights just about everyone. Experience it today!

Shimla Weekend Getaways

Weekends are for fun! Just round up your pals, hop onto a car, set the music going and zoom your way over to the picturesque slopes of Shimla. A finer time you might not have in any other place than in Shimla! If it snows then, nothing better! Book your weekend Getaways here.

Shimla Hotels

Hey, did you book your Shimla hotel? Book it today - shortlist your options by star-ratings, prices and amenities. Check the availability of a car parking lot, find a hotel in a good location and enjoy great savings with our latest deals. Book your Shimla Hotel today.

Shimla Tour Package

Hotels in Shimla